In 622, during the Hegira, in which city did Muhammad take refuge?

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What is the Hegira in 622?

The Hegira is a very important event in the history of Islam. It is the departure of Muhammad and several of his companions from Mecca to the oasis of Yathrib, formerly known as Medina, in 622 CE.

This date marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar, based on the lunar cycle. Prior to the Hegira, the Muslim community was persecuted in Mecca and the Prophet Muhammad decided to leave for a safer city to continue preaching Islam. Many Muslims followed the Prophet on his journey, marking the beginning of the Muslim community in Medina. This migration is known as the emigration or hegira in Arabic.

The lunar calendar used by Muslims is based on the phases of the moon, which lasts about 29 or 30 days. The beginning of each month is marked by the appearance of the first crescent moon. The month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and commemorates the time when the Prophet Muhammad received his first Quranic revelation.

Muslims around the world celebrate Muslim holidays throughout the year, including Eid-ul-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, and the Feast of Sacrifice, or Eid-ul-Adha, which commemorates the story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son to obey God.

The five pillars of Islam are faith in one God, Allah and his prophet Muhammad, prayer, almsgiving or zakat, fasting and pilgrimage or hajj to Mecca for those who can afford it. The Qur’an is the sacred book of the Muslims, revealed to the prophet Mohammed by the archangel Gabriel and containing verses that guide believers in their daily lives. The hadiths are accounts of prophetic teachings and are also of great importance to Muslims.

In summary, the Hegira marks the beginning of the lunar year and the Muslim calendar, and symbolizes the importance of the Muslim community as servants of the one God. This history of Islam has shaped the history of Muslims around the world and is an integral part of their faith and culture.



In 622, during the Hegira, in which city did Muhammad take refuge?


The Hegira refers to the emigration of the Prophet Muhammad from the city of Mecca to the city of Medina in 622.