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Quiz Modern period

Improve your knowledge with our Quiz Modern period

Improve your knowledge of modern history (1500-1789) with our fun quizzes on historical events, famous people and more.

Do you know the details of the Italian Renaissance? Can you name the most influential kings and queens of the era of absolute monarchies? Can you tell the difference between the different revolutions that shook Europe from the late 18th century on?

Our quizzes on modern history (1500-1789) will help you discover new and exciting historical facts and gain a better understanding of the most important events of this pivotal period in history. Modern history quizzes are a fun way to reinforce your knowledge and better understand this period of history that saw the rise of the great European powers, religious conflicts and political revolutions. Whether you are a history buff or just curious, come test your knowledge with our quizzes on the history of the modern era (1500-1789).