How many short stories compose the collection Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime by Oscar Wilde?

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The Canterville Ghost and Other Short Stories by Oscar Wilde is a collection of strange and fantastic stories written by 19th-century Irish writer Oscar Wilde. The collection includes a number of ghost stories and paranormal tales that have captivated readers since their publication in 1887.

The Canterville Ghost, the collection’s eponymous story, tells of a British ghost, Sir Simon de Canterville, who has haunted a manor house in England for centuries. When the Otis family, a modern, pragmatic American family, buys the property, the ghost begins to haunt the house, trying to frighten them with his terrifying apparitions and finding himself confronted with comic and ironic situations. The members of the Otis family, especially the children, are not frightened by the ghost and treat him with indifference, even derision. The Otis family are determined not to be intimidated by the ghost, and their reaction to his efforts to frighten them make for some surreal comic moments. The story explores the contrast between old British traditions and new American ideas, as well as the theme of fear and courage. The story is a brilliant blend of humor, fantasy and Gothic whimsy, and remains one of the best-known tales in English literature.

Oscar Wilde’s short stories are renowned for their blend of humor, irony, social satire and commentary on the human condition. After The Canterville Ghost, the collection includes three more strange and fantastic stories, all written in the same incisive, sarcastic style for which Wilde is renowned:

The Canterville Ghost and Other Short Stories by Oscar Wilde is a captivating collection of stories for all lovers of fantasy, horror, the paranormal and thrillers. Wilde’s stories are filled with mystery, thrills and the supernatural, creating a spooky world that continues to haunt the reader’s mind long after they’ve closed the book. The Canterville Ghost and Other Short Stories is considered one of Oscar Wilde’s most popular works, and is an excellent introduction to his writing style and witty humor.



How many short stories compose the collection Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Oscar Wilde?


Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Short Stories is a collection of four short stories by Oscar Wilde published in 1891. It includes: The Phantom of Canterville; The Crime of Lord Arthur Savile; The Millionaire Model; A Sphinx Without Secrets.