How many short stories compose the collection Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime by Oscar Wilde?

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Oscar Wilde, an eminent Irish writer born in Dublin in 1854, is the author of The Canterville Ghost and Other Short Stories. His literary career, marked by a distinctive style and sharp wit, established him as a master of satire and drama. Oscar Wilde, renowned for his contributions as playwright, poet and author, left a lasting legacy with such major works as The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest, which continue to captivate readers with their penetrating analysis of society and morality.

The Canterville Ghost and Other Short Stories was published in 1891, against the backdrop of the Victorian era, a period marked by great socio-cultural upheaval. Oscar Wilde’s writing in these short stories reflects the dynamics of the time, using irony and social criticism to explore and question the norms and contradictions of his time.

The Canterville Ghost takes place in England, at Canterville Chase Manor. The detailed description of the manor, with its Gothic features such as dark corridors and antique portraits, plays a crucial role in establishing the supernatural atmosphere and advancing the plot.

The story’s supernatural main character is Sir Simon, a ghost with a complex personality. Representing both humor and tragedy, Sir Simon is a key element of the story, offering moments of moral reflection and comedy, demonstrating Oscar Wilde’s ability to combine serious elements with irony.

The collection consists of four distinct short stories, each contributing to the overall thematic coherence of Oscar Wilde’s work:

  1. The Canterville Ghost: A story known for its blend of humor and satire, dealing with the culture clash between a traditional English ghost and a pragmatic American family.
  2. The Sphinx Without a Secret: This short story examines the themes of love and mystery, following the interactions between a man and a mysterious woman, and prompting reflection on appearances versus reality.
  3. The Model Millionaire: A story that explores love and sacrifice, emphasizing the value of human relationships over material wealth.
  4. Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime: A social satire centered on the themes of fate and personal responsibility, recounting how Lord Arthur Savile, after learning of his doomed fate, decides to take spectacular action.

Each short story brings its own nuance to the collection, blending humor, social criticism and introspection, making this a must-read for literary enthusiasts.



How many short stories compose the collection Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Oscar Wilde?


Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Short Stories is a collection of four short stories by Oscar Wilde published in 1891. It includes: The Phantom of Canterville; The Crime of Lord Arthur Savile; The Millionaire Model; A Sphinx Without Secrets.