To which branch of Christianity is Martin Luther the initiator?

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Martin Luther is considered the initiator of the Protestant Reformation, a religious movement that marked the history of Christianity in 16th century Europe. Indeed, Martin Luther, a German Catholic monk, broke with the Roman Catholic Church by publishing his 95 theses in 1517, which criticized the sale of indulgences and questioned the dogmas of the Church. Thus was born Protestantism, a religious movement that opposes Catholic practices and beliefs. Protestants rejected papal authority, the mass, the cult of saints, purgatory and the use of the Latin language in the liturgy.

Protestant churches were born, with renowned theologians and pastors such as John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli. The Protestant Reformation led to the division of Christianity into two distinct branches, the Catholics and the Protestants. The Protestant churches, such as the Lutheran and Evangelical churches, the Reformed or Calvinist denominations, the Anabaptist and Baptist churches, developed on the basis of the theology of Martin Luther and his successors. Protestant churches base their faith and teachings on the Bible, considering God’s word as the source of all theological authority. Lutherans emphasize grace and faith as the means of salvation, while reformers like Calvin emphasize God’s sovereignty and election, as well as the doctrine of predestination. Protestants also questioned the practice of the Lord’s Supper and proposed an alternative interpretation of the Bible.

Protestant churches have endured persecution and religious wars, especially with the Roman Catholics, but eventually gained influence and followers around the world. Today, Christianity is made up of several branches and denominations, including the Lutheran World Federation, the Anglican Church and the Orthodox Church.

Martin Luther was the originator of the Protestant Reformation, which led to the birth of many Protestant churches and shaped the history of Christianity. His theology and criticism of the Roman Catholic Church paved the way for many religious and social debates and developments over the centuries.



To which branch of Christianity is Martin Luther the initiator?


Martin Luther is the initiator of Protestantism which gave birth to many Protestant churches and marked the history of Christianity.