What is the capital of Eritrea?

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Asmara is the capital and largest city of Eritrea, located in East Africa. It is located in the northernmost part of the Ethiopian plateau, at an altitude of 2,350 meters. Asmara has a population of about 800,000 and is the capital of the Maekel region, which was created in 1996. The city is known for its modernist architecture, which was developed during the Italian colonial period and includes government buildings, residential and commercial buildings, churches and mosques. Asmara is also a notable industrial center for textiles, leather, ceramics and plastics. It is home to several universities and is the birthplace of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and soccer player Luciano Vassalo. Asmara is the sixth highest capital city in the world.



What is the capital of Eritrea?


Asmara is the capital and largest city of Eritrea. It is located on the Hamasen Plateau at an altitude of 2,325 meters and is the second highest capital city in Africa and the sixth highest in the world.