What is the capital of the Dominican Republic?

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Santo Domingo is the political, economic and cultural capital of the Dominican Republic. The city was founded in 1496 by Bartolomé Columbus, the brother of Christopher Columbus, and is considered the oldest European city in the Americas.

Santo Domingo was the center of Spanish colonization in the Americas for several centuries and has played a crucial role in the history of the region. The city is famous for its old town, the Zona Colonial, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. The Zona Colonial is home to many historic buildings, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, which is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, and the Ozama Fortress, which dates from the 16th century.

Today, Santo Domingo is a cosmopolitan and lively city that combines colonial history with modernity. The city is the seat of government and economic power in the Dominican Republic, as well as the center of the country’s artistic and cultural life. Visitors can discover a variety of museums, theaters, art galleries, restaurants and lively bars.



What is the capital of the Dominican Republic?


The city of Santo Domingo is the political and economic capital as well as the largest city of the Dominican Republic. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Hispaniola, which the country shares with Haiti.