In which French department are the cliffs of Étretat located?

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The cliffs of Étretat are located in the Seine-Maritime department of Normandy, in north-western France. Known for their impressive geological formations, these limestone cliffs attract visitors from all over the world for their natural beauty and historical and cultural significance.

Étretat is a small commune on the Côte d’Albâtre, part of the Normandy coastline. The town is bordered by the English Channel and famous for its sheer cliffs and natural arches.

Étretat’s cliffs are mainly composed of chalk and flint. Among the most famous formations are l’Arche et l’Aiguille, a 70-metre-high rock needle, as well as la Manneporte and la Falaise d’Aval.

The cliffs offer spectacular scenery and panoramic sea views. Hiking trails allow you to explore the heights of the cliffs and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Étretat’s pebble beach is protected by the cliffs, creating a unique and picturesque setting for visitors.

The Jardins d’Étretat, located at the top of the cliffs, are a series of modern, artistic landscaped gardens offering breathtaking views of the cliffs and the sea.

The cliffs of Étretat have inspired many artists, writers and musicians. Impressionist painter Claude Monet produced several works depicting the cliffs. Writer Maurice Leblanc also set some of the adventures of his character Arsène Lupin in Étretat.

Étretat is mentioned in several literary works and is associated with local legends, notably those of hidden treasures.

Hiking trails around the cliffs offer opportunities for walking and discovery. Visitors can follow well-marked routes to discover spectacular views and unique rock formations.

The region is also popular for water sports such as kayaking, sailing and windsurfing, which allow visitors to discover the cliffs from the sea.

Étretat hosts numerous events throughout the year, including art festivals, exhibitions and local markets, contributing to the cultural richness of the region.

The cliffs of Étretat are protected because of their geological and ecological importance. Measures have been taken to preserve the region’s natural habitats and biodiversity.

Local initiatives aim to raise public awareness of environmental protection and encourage sustainable tourism. Guided tours and educational programs are offered to inform visitors of the importance of cliff conservation.

Étretat is accessible by car, via well-marked roads from nearby towns such as Le Havre and Rouen. It is also possible to take the bus or train to nearby towns, then continue by cab or local bus.

The region offers a wide variety of accommodation options, from hotels and B&Bs to campsites and vacation rentals, to suit different needs and budgets.

The cliffs of Étretat are located in the Seine-Maritime department of Normandy. These spectacular geological formations are not only a natural wonder, but also a source of cultural and artistic inspiration. With their breathtaking views, hiking trails and rich history, the cliffs of Étretat continue to attract and captivate visitors from all over the world. Preserving this iconic site is essential to maintaining its natural and cultural appeal for future generations.



In which French department are the cliffs of Étretat located?


The cliffs of Étretat are located in the Seine-Maritime department of Normandy. They are famous for their spectacular geological formations and breathtaking views over the English Channel.