What is the capital of Liechtenstein?

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The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz. This city is located in the Rhine Valley in the south of the country and is known for its historic buildings, art museum and castle perched on a hill.

The city of Vaduz is surrounded by the mountains of the Swiss and Austrian Alps. It is crossed by the Rhine, which offers a picturesque landscape to visitors. The city is also known for its Statue of Liberty, donated by the United States in 2006 to celebrate the friendly relations between the two countries.

Vaduz’s history dates back to the Middle Ages, when the city was founded as a small fortified village. Over the centuries, it became a prosperous city through trade and crafts. In 1719, the princely family of Liechtenstein acquired the territory and established their main residence here.

Today, Vaduz is an important cultural and economic center for Liechtenstein. The city is home to the Liechtenstein Museum of Art, which features an important collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as several private art galleries. It is also an important financial center, with many banks and financial institutions operating in the city.

In conclusion, Vaduz is a picturesque and historic city located in the Rhine Valley. It offers a rich history and vibrant culture, as well as beautiful scenery. As the capital of Liechtenstein, it plays an important role in the political, economic and cultural life of the country.



What is the capital of Liechtenstein?


Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein, the seat of government of the Principality and the place of residence of the princely family. It is also an international financial center.