What is the name of the sheep’s lamb?

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The ewe’s young are called lambs. The gestation period of a ewe, i.e. the period between the fertilization of the ovum and the birth of the lamb, is approximately 147 to 150 days, or about 5 months. During this period, the ewe carries one or more lambs, depending on the number of embryos that have developed during fertilization.

During the first months of gestation, the ewe shows no obvious signs of pregnancy. However, as pregnancy progresses, she may show physiological and behavioral changes, such as an increase in abdominal size, weight gain, increased appetite and calmer behavior.

The gestation period is an important time for the ewe as it requires special attention in terms of feeding, care and veterinary monitoring. A balanced diet adapted to the needs of the pregnant ewe is essential to ensure healthy growth and development of the unborn lambs.

In late pregnancy, the ewe may show signs of impending parturition, such as milk secretion, restlessness, searching for a place to give birth and loss of the mucous plug. Parturition usually takes 30 minutes to an hour and can be assisted by the breeder if necessary.

Once the lambs are born, they should be fed the ewe’s milk for the first few weeks of life. The farmer should also monitor their health and development to ensure that they are growing well and are healthy.


Quel est le nom du petit de la brebis ?

What is the name of the sheep's lamb?


The lamb is the young of the ewe and the ram. The term lamb refers to the young male sheep, less than one year old.