What is the capital of Belgium?

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The capital of Belgium is Brussels, as designated in Article 194 of the Belgian Constitution. Brussels is an important European city, located in the center of the country and is the largest city in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is the seat of the executive power, composed of the Belgian monarchy and the federal government of Belgium, the legislative power, composed of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and the judicial power.

Belgium is a small country located in Western Europe, with a population of over 11 million. It is bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the North Sea. The country is known for its rich history, linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as its world-renowned chocolates and beers. Belgium’s geography is characterized by coastal plains, hills and river basins, such as the Meuse and the Scheldt.



What is the capital of Belgium?


Brussels is a municipality of Belgium with 183,287 inhabitants, the capital of Belgium, the French Community of Belgium, the Flemish Community and the seat of the European Union.