At what age did Steffi Graf win her first Grand Slam title?

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Steffi Graf, one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, won her first Grand Slam title at the age of 17. This feat took place in 1987 at the French Open, also known as Roland Garros. Her victory marked the start of a legendary career that saw her dominate women’s tennis for over a decade.

Steffi Graf began playing tennis at an early age, under the guidance of her father, Peter Graf. She was soon noticed for her exceptional talent and rigorous work ethic.

Before winning her first Grand Slam, Steffi Graf had already established herself as one of the most promising young players on the circuit. She won several junior tournaments and made an impressive debut on the professional circuit.

At the 1987 French Open, Steffi Graf demonstrated her talent and determination by beating several top players. In the final, she faced Martina Navratilova, one of the most dominant players of the time. Steffi Graf won in three sets, 6-4, 4-6, 8-6, to claim her first Grand Slam title.

This victory catapulted Steffi Graf into the limelight. She became the youngest French Open champion at the time, a testament to her immense talent and potential.

Steffi Graf went on to win a total of 22 Grand Slam singles titles, making her one of the most successful players in tennis history. She is particularly famous for achieving the “Golden Slam” in 1988, winning all four Grand Slam tournaments and the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics the same year.

Steffi Graf spent 377 weeks at the top of the world rankings, an all-time record among women. Her consistency and dominance on the circuit are unrivalled.

Steffi Graf is known for her all-round game, her powerful forehand and her speed on court. Her ability to adapt to different playing surfaces has contributed to her success at Grand Slam tournaments.

Steffi Graf has influenced many generations of players with her professionalism, determination and approach to the game. She is often cited as a source of inspiration by the players of today and tomorrow.

After retiring in 1999, Steffi Graf devoted herself to her family and various philanthropic activities. She is married to Andre Agassi, another tennis legend, and they have two children.

Steffi Graf founded the Children for Tomorrow Foundation, which supports projects to help children who have suffered psychological trauma as a result of war or other violence.

Steffi Graf won her first Grand Slam title at the age of 17, at the 1987 French Open. This victory marked the start of a phenomenal career that saw her win 22 Grand Slam titles and dominate women’s tennis for over a decade. Her influence and legacy continue to resonate throughout the tennis world, making her a true sporting icon.



At what age did Steffi Graf win her first Grand Slam title?


Steffi Graf won her first Grand Slam title at the age of 17, in 1987, when she won the French Open. She thus became the youngest champion in the tournament's history.